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Delivery service for Merchants

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Our product includes a delivery service to all merchants who operate within Nairobi seeking to provide their clients with an effective and dependable delivery service. Our service is both reliable and the team is highly skilled and talented to ensure that deliveries are made within estimated time and that goods are delivered in perfect condition to their respective destinations.

About us

Doea is a delivery first internet company committed to providing ultimate convenience for the African market. rocket Our product is specially designed to help merchants in Nairobi to provide their esteemed customers with a top notch delivery service for ultimate convenience for both their clients and the business itself. Our mission is to provide an affordable, convenient and trustworthy delivery service to all those in need of the same.

Our clients

Doea works with all merchants in Nairobi seeking to provide their clients with an effective and reliable delivery system. Our services also extend to the merchants themselves as we strive to ensure maximum convenience and comfort ability to carry on with their day to day businesses without worrying about the inconveniences of transportation. All our clients are ensured professionalism and accountability while dealing with our team.

Our happy merchants include:

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